GPS Create: The earth is your canvas.

GPS Create uses Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to explore fun and creative projects.

Our bespoke GPS drawing software – GPS Sketch – fosters large-scale expression by tracking participants’ movement with a GPS device and creating a sketch of the result.

The applications of GPS Create are diverse and include team-building events with a twist, festivals, and other events with a focus on interactivity. GPS Create offers a fun, immersive and unique experience to companies, schools, universities, sports organisations and more.

GPS drawing is drawing on a very large scale. The earth is the canvas and you are the pencil. Satellites track your path as you move, creating virtual lines across the landscape. Our custom-built GPS Sketch software interprets these line drawings to create beautiful, poetic, composite animations which visualise time, rhythm, form and the intersection and non-intersection of people's paths.

GPS drawing is an excellent way to foster collaboration and team-building through workshops or other events. We can develop workshops or activities based on your requirements. There is no minimum or maximum time-frame or limit to the number of participants.

GPS Create is an initiative of Adam Hinshaw and Elisa Lee.
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