Sydney Esquisse Yourself was an official Sydney Design 06 event held at Customs House in August 2006. The art and design festival is a creation of Sydney’s Brand Experience Agency, PLAY. It consisted of interactive performances, installations and exhibitions which put the visitor in charge.

GPSQUISSE was developed by GPS Create as a tool to create interactive artworks by festival-goers including skaters, ferry drivers and a curious seventy-year-old couple. Carrying GPS devices, they proceeded to devise artworks using the metropolis as their canvas by tracking their movements.

What followed were personal re-interpretations of the city landscape created by imagination and modes of transport ranging from feet, bicycles, skateboards, cars, trains and ferry.

These journeys were downloaded and turned into animated artworks processed through the GPSQUISSE editor and player. Beautiful composite animations emerged which visualized time, rhythm, form and the intersection and non-intersection of people's paths. Over 50 GPS drawings were collected during the festival and the artworks were displayed at Sydney’s Customs House.

Esquisse by MINI

Visitors were also invited to submit proposed drawings to be drawn by driving a MINI car around the city (MINI were the sponsors of the event). The winner’s drawing, plus that of an invited artist, Emil Goh, were also displayed during the festival. See artworks below and on the Gallery page.

Thank you to the Centre of Digital Design at the University of Technology.

'People's reactions are quite bizarre,' says festival manager Laura Murdoch. 'They become part of the art piece without realising it sometimes.' Beryl and Don Ferguson made an artistic contribution when they took one of the festival's Garmin GPS60 handhelds ( for a walk around the Royal Botanic Gardens and the Opera House. In this exhibit, participants created their own digital animation by tracking their footsteps. Some attempted to write names, others drew geometric forms. They could see the route emerging on the device's screen, and later the full artwork at the exhibition. 'I was trying to work out a pattern, but it came out in circles,' laughs Beryl, who titled their piece Confused. 'I think it's and excellent idea to be part of an artwork. When you take part you learn about it and have a better understanding of what's involved.' Icon, SMH - August 19, 2006

“GPS-QUISSE has quickly become the number one subject in media coverage on Sydney Esquisse '06.

Elisa and Adam have produced a simple, but beautiful tool that allowed festival visitors of all ages and backgrounds to contribute content to the exhibition while engaging with their city in absolutely new and insightful ways. The interface was so simple, that absolute novices were able to partake and understand the translation of their tracked journey into a lively animation.

Elisa and Adams’ seemingly endless supply of creative energy made the development of this project not only very smooth and professional, but also very enjoyable.”