Adapted to suit your needs.

GPS drawing using GPS Sketch is an excellent way to foster large-scale expression using the physical environment as a canvas.

Carrying a GPS satellite device is the only strict criteria! Activities can be individual or team-based and of various durations and locations. We can develop one-off events, or adapt the experience to cover one or more days. We can work with a variety of geographic locations.

GPS Sketch can be approached consciously as an activity centred around the final outcome of a GPS drawing. We call this 'deliberate sketching'. Or, participants can be less conscious about their movements, resulting in a more spontaneous - and possibly more surprising! - drawing. They may be carrying the GPS device for another reason, such as to track routes whilst sailing or hangliding, or for navigation. We call this 'by-product' 'incidental sketching'.

Please contact us to discuss how we can devise and facilitate a GPS Sketch activity suited to your needs.

Large and small companies
Events companies
Team-building companies
Schools / Universities
Sports / dance organisations

Festival activities
Interactive events
Team-building activities

As a one off event (minimum 20 minutes) or over various days / weeks.

Number of participants?
Can work as individuals or in teams

Any location where a GPS signal can be registered. Please note, it is an outdoor activity.

GPS devices and laptops to process sketches are provided by GPS Create, depending on numbers required.

What do you leave with?
Interactive animations of the sketch viewable on any computer.

Your GPS Create animation can also be output as a screen saver, desktop wallpaper, poster, mobile phone animation, and moreā€¦

Example of the process of one off GPS activity / workshop


Drawings can be planned first, and then the GPS screen used as a guide. Maps can be used as reference if a more accurate drawing is desired.

GPSQUISSE is an example of deliberate sketching.


You may not see your paths as you are creating it but instead be surprised at the end.

Nokia's sailing event is an example of incidental sketching

1. Preparation

GPS devices are attached to the moving person, animal or object, for example a bike rider, horse or bus.

2. Sketching

The GPS device tracks the movement of the person, animal or object

3. Processing sketches

GPS devices are collected and data is uploaded into our GPS Sketch software.

4. Screening

Participants sit back and interact with an animated replay of their sketch. Speed it up or down, pause and PLAY!

5. Afterwards

The animation of the sketch will be supplied as a file viewable on any computer. It can also be re-packaged into a screensaver, viewed as a web page, mapped out with string, printed out as a poster, and more...