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As participants in a Nokia team-building exercise sailed out onto a sunny Sydney Harbour in February, 2008, they were unaware that GPS Create had placed GPS tracking devices in the 10 boats they were manning.

The above GPS drawing begins with crew training -- the section which appears rather like silly string. The race around the buoys begins shortly after. Watch out for the furious tacking when the boats break into a 'man overboard' scenario towards the end.This visual representation of the boats' journey was used after the sailing exercise for debriefing and as a poetic visual momento of the event. The Nokia sailors were thrilled at the animation and the skipper, Julian Bowker, found it to be a refreshing and useful tool to relay the day's events.

The animation replays as a factor of time so you can see rhythmin the movement. To zero in on certain parts of the race, changethe speed by adjusting the 'playback speed' slider.